The object of site preparation is to provide a stable, level platform to support the tank and its contents. Site selection and preparation is vital to the success of any structure. Foundation failure can lead to structure failure resulting in expensive rectification and repair work.

When assessing a site for a tank installation, some of the points to consider are:

Accessiblity to site for earthmoving and transport equipment

Access around the tank for assembly

Presence of underground services - water, sewerage etc.

Presence of overhead services - power lines etc.

Proximity of other structures and their foundations

Availability of materials for foundation construction - concrete, fill material etc.

Proximity of water-courses which could lead to periodic flooding of the site

Environmental considerations - tank colour to blend with surroundings

Soil type and availability of soil tests

Site history - has area been filled with uncontrolled fill, evidence of landslip on sloping sites etc.

Site drainage - can overflow water and roof run-off be channelled away from tank base

Site Preparation: This will vary with site conditions, but minimum requirements for a non-reactive soil type area would be:

Clear an area a minimum of four metres larger in diameter than the tank by removing all undergrowth, trees and rocks. Strip the site of all soil containing vegetable and other organic matter. Level the area by cutting and filling as necessary - any fill material and also the top 150mm of natural material should be compacted to 95% of their relative dry densities. Note that a flat level area at least 1.5m wide is required around the tank perimeter for erection equipment and access. A strip at least 1 m wide, sloped away from the tank base and sealed for water run-off and erosion prevention, should be provided. Ensure that run off water is drained well away from the tank base.

Other points to consider are:

Installation of any pipework under the tank such as outlet scour etc.

Installation of concrete footings, ring beam or slab

Filling and levelling of ring beam

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