Points to be considered include:

* Site Conditions - Marine, Industrial, Rural etc

* Liquid to be stored

*Application - Town Water Supply, Fire Protection etc.

* Installation - The standard of the tank's installation must be a high priority. While the tank and all components are of the highest quality, because of the nature of the product, it's overall reliability rests with the quality of the installation. Poor performance, such as leaking, should not be confused with poor product quality but, rather, to be the result of shoddy installation. For this reason wherever possible, QUALIFIED ERECTORS should be used.

STANDARD WARRANTY : Unless specifically requested, water storage tanks are covered by the standard Southern Cross(tm) 12-month warranty. Where an extended warranty period is required, it is subject to conditions as listed below to:

(a) Prevent or control corrosion

(b) Keep the tank clean, leak-free and of good appearance.

Note that all tanks have a structural warranty, provided that the tank is installed in an approved environment in accordance with the manufacturers instructions and that all components are kept in good condition.

Extended Warranty Conditions:

1. Tank is installed in an approved environment and this environment remains unchanged.

2. Tank is installed by an APPROVED ERECTOR and in accordance with the manufacture's instructions.

3. A water analysis is provided at the time of quotation.

4. The water analysis does not vary significantly during the warranty period.

5. Tank has not suffered mechanical damage.

6. Tank has not been dismantled and re-erected.

7. An approved roof is fitted.

8. Tank is not left empty

9. Inspection and maintenance to be carried out at 12 month intervals. Internal and external surfaces to be inspected for mechanical damage or corrosion and repairs to affected areas to be carried out it accordance with the manufacture's instructions. Any build-up of silt or other deposits in the tank are to be removed and tank walls inside and base to be washed down. Debris and other matter to be removed from the roof and tank surrounds. In marine or industrial areas, the outside tank roof and walls are to be washed down.

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