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Ellis Tanks was started in 1980 in response to a demand in the market place for Qualified Water Tank Installers . Glenn Ellis the principal Ellis Tanks has worked for a number of years for the Australian Company Southern Cross, who was the largest manufacturer of Prefabricated Tanks for all types of water and fluid storage. Ellis Tanks is the preferred Installer for Southern Cross Steel Water Tanks . Glenn Ellis completed a Water Tank Installation Training course with Southern Cross prior to 1976, and has continued to update his knowledge and consult with improvements and innovations made on tanks to the present day. His experience includes such diverse Tank requirements as Mining, Industrial, Rural, Fire Protection, Sewerage Overflow , Water (Potable or Salt) and Wine. Ellis Tanks travels with all equipment required to successfully install a Tank in the remotest of locations both in Australia and around the world.





Mobile: (0427) 716087 (0418) 716087

Fax No. 0746 357507

Email: glenn@ellistanks.com.au

Remember Get a Qualified Tank and Tankstand Installer for all Rural, Homestead, Municipal, Mining or Fire Tanks

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