Heavier Sheets: 2mm thick galvanised side and bottom sheets can be supplied, it requested. The galvanised coating on this sheet would only be 275g1m2 (minimum) unless the order warranted the purchase of 20 tonnes (minimum order quantity) of sheets with the heavier 600g/m2 from BHP Steel.

BHP Marviplate Sheets: Marviplate side and bottom sheets have a 1.6mm thick Galvabond G250 Z275 steel sheet base with a Lightstone exterior quality vinyl film on the external surface and a food grade polymer film on the internal surface. This material is specially made for Southern Cross by BHP for water tanks .

Marviplate should be handled carefully to prevent damage to the coating. Avoid unnecessary handling - sheets should be lifted and carried, not dragged. Handle tools carefully and do not slide them along the surface. Ensure that footwear is clean. Use a soft brush to remove any dirt or drilling swarf from the sheets. The edges and cut-outs must be treated with edge sealer.The edges of bolt holes do not need to be sealed as they are protected from contact with the stored liquid by a sealing gasket. Pressure marks in Marviplate will eventually disappear due to the plastic memory of PVC film. This process can be speeded up by carefully warming the damaged area with hot air (not to exceed 500C). Nicks and scratches in the interior and exterior films should be repaired with a neutral cure silicone rubber sealant. Sealants which are compatible with, and recommended for use on, Marviplate are marked as such on the container. Dirt and grease can be removed from Marviplate with a mild detergent or mineral turpentine. Stored sheets should be kept under cover in a dry, safe area. If sheets become wet, they should be dried with a clean cloth and stacked to allow air to circulate around them to complete the drying process.

Special Surface Finishes: Special finishes may be required for added protection in some environments, or for aesthetic reasons. The type of finish supplied will depend on the operating conditions or customer requirements. Epoxy coating can be added where protection of tank components is required, or external painting may be desired. This is normally done on site to suit customer needs. For any particular colour requirements, refer to Ellis Tanks.

Special Fasteners: Stainless Steel or Molybond-coated fasteners are available as an alternative to the standard hot dip galvanised fasteners. These will be supplied depending on operating conditions or customer requirements.



On request, Ellis Tanks provides a wide range of optional accessories to satisfy individual customer requirements. These include:

Ladders: An internal safety ladder is supplied as standard with every tank. External ladders can be supplied as an option, along with extended handrails, platforms and safety cages to conform to A.S. 1657. They are fabricated from hot rolled steel sections and hot dip galvanised after fabrication.

Roof Access Manholes: 600mm, 750mm and 900mm square manholes are available. Each manhole consists of a galvanised welded steel angle frame for bolting to the roof sheeting and a sheetmetal cover which is fitted with double stainless steel hinges, hasp and staple, and a padlock.

Water Level Indicators: These indicators consist of a weight with pointer, stainless steel cable and a float. The pointer moves over a scale graduated with horizontal black lines at 100mm intervals and marked with 200mm high numbers at 1 m intervals. The scale board is made of folded galvanised sheet -300mm wide and painted white. Galvanised mild steel brackets and bolts are used to fix the indicator to the tank rings. Stainless steel float guide wires and brackets can also be supplied as an additional option, if required.

Roof Vents: Roof vents provide ventilation for the air space above the water so as to reduce temperature and humidity and also to provide adequate induct and educt of air during rapid filling or emptying of the tank. Vents are available in a range of sizes and types - including both fixed and rotating.

Anti-Vortex Outlets: These are outlet fittings with baffle plates fitted inside the tank to reduce vortex formation when water is being pumped out. They enable the bottom water level to be lower, thus increasing the effective capacity of the tank.

Pump Suction Tanks: These are small tanks fitted under the bottom of the storage tank. The outlet is located in the suction tank and this allows the bottom water level to be lower, thus increasing the effective capacity of the tank.

Overflow: An overflow is fitted to prevent a tank from being overfilled and allowing water to overflow down the outside of the tank. The overflow size must be sufficient to carry the full inflow rate. Pipework from the overflow must be extended to a drainage point some distance away from the tank base.

Scour-Washout Sump: This is fitted in the bottom of the tank so that it can be fully drained. The outlet pipe needs to discharge to a drainage point some distance away from the tank base and be fitted with a lockable gate valve.

Pipework: Sizes and attachment points will be different for each project. Where specific pipe levels or large diameter flanges are required, check to ensure they clear the tank frame members. Connections should be made using a flange and gasket on both sides of the tank sheet.

Mound Rings: Limited to use with 1 .8m and 2.4m high tanks, mound rings are formed from curved galvanised corrugated iron sheets bolted together to form a continuous ring which is then filled with compacted sand. The tank is assembled on this mound and the additional height allows the full tank to be drained when supplying cattle troughing or similar applications.

Tall Tanks/Tankstands: Where only low pressure is required (up to 6m head), it is sometimes more economical to use a tall tank as a standpipe instead of using a smaller tank on a tankstand. Only the upper volume of the tank is used for normal operation but the unused volume is available for emergency use.

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