General Description: Southern Cross bolted "Stripseal" water tanks are fully pre-fabricated and are designed for easy erection on site without the need for special tools or equipment. All components are easily handled. No metal cutting or drilling is required on site, except for pipe work connections and roof cladding. Sealing gaskets are pre-punched with accurately spaced holes, ensuring a tight leak-proof seal. A comprehensive installation manual and an internal ladder are supplied as standard. Design: These Southern Cross tanks have been designed to comply with the relevant Australian Standards.

Special feature of Southern Cross Tanks: Galvanised tank side and bottom sheets used in Southern Cross water tanks have a Z600 zinc coating (300 g/m2 on each side). Standard galvanised sheets have a Z275 zinc coating (137.5 g/m2 on each side). The life of a zinc coating is directly proportional to its mass, therefore Southern Cross tank sheets will last more than twice as long as standard galvanised sheets.

Construction: The standard construction of these tanks is as follows: Bottom: All bottoms are made of 1 .6mm thick galvanised steel sheet. All joints are lapped and secured every 60mm with 10mm diameter mild steel bolts, with a flat washer under the nut. A watertight seal is ensured by using rubber sealing strips between the lapped sheets.

Sides: Tank sides are constructed with a structural steel ring and batten framework, to which the galvanised steel sheeting is bolted. All joints are lapped and bolted to the frame (every 90mm in shorter tanks and every 60mm in the lower sections of taller tanks) using 10mm diameter galvanised steel bolts. A watertight seal is ensured at all joints by using rubber sealing strips between the lapped sheets and between the bottom side ring and sheet bottom. The galvanised sheeting is 1 .6mm thick on all tanks.

Flat Tops: Flat tops consist of a galvanised steel framework covered with steel roof sheeting. The framework is made from cold-rolled galvanised high tensile zed-section purlins. On smaller diameters these span the tank in single lengths and are attached to the top ring of the tank with brackets. On larger diameter tanks the main beams are supported by steel pipe posts, with zed-section purlins bolted between the beams and the top ring of the tank. The number of beams and posts depends on the tank diameter. Trimdek Hi-Ten steel decking is secured to the purlins with self-drilling fasteners. The decking is also bolted to the tank with 10mm diameter bolts. Flat tops are available for all diameters and heights of tanks.

Conical Tops: Conical tops consist of a galvanised structural steel framework to which galvanised flat steel sheeting is bolted. The supports radiate from the centre of the tank and in larger diameter tanks a centre post is used. The galvanised sheeting is bolted to the framework with M8 x 20 zinc-plated mushroom head bolts or self-drilling fasteners. All conical tops have a pitch of 20 degree except for RZL (19.595m diameter) which have a 15 degree pitch. The sheets are lapped at joints and a galvanised flat cover strip is bolted on top of the lap using the joint bolts. Sealing strip is not fitted at the laps, as the lapped joints are enough to stop any dust from entering. Conical tops are available for all heights and diameters up to and including 19.595m.

Sealing Strips: Wedges are moulded from Styrene Butadiene Rubber. Sealing Strips are made from Ethylene Propylene Rubber with pre-punched bolt holes.

Fasteners: All fasteners are commercial hot dipped galvanised steel.

(I) Bottom: Bottom sheets are bolted every 60mm using 10mm diameter steel bolts with a flat washer under the nut.

(ii) Sides: 10mm diameter steel bolts are used every 90mm in lower tank heights, and every 60mm in the lower sections of taller water tanks.

(iii) Flat Tops: Steel decking is attached to purlins with self-drilling fasteners. Decking is bolted to tank top ring with l0mm diameter steel bolts.

(iv) Conical Tops: Galvanised flat sheet is bolted to supporting framework using M8 x 20 zinc plated mushroom head bolts or self-drilling fasteners.

Ladders: Ladders supplied are welded rung type with 50mm x l0mm stiles and 20mm diameter rungs. An internal safety ladder is supplied as standard with every tank. Outside ladders can be supplied with extended hand rails, platforms and safety cages, as optional items. Ladders conform to AS 1657

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