The southern cross galvanized water tank is suitable for many uses including industrial water tanks, fire protection water tanks, and rural water tanks.

Ellis Tanks are Suppliers throughout Australia and the globe of Southern Cross water tanks - Southern Cross galvanized water tanks, Southern Cross Liner Tanks & Southern Cross Marviplate Tanks. Our water tank range is suitable for many uses:

Southern Cross have thousands of water tanks in service through out Australia and the world. Ellistanks have been southern cross water tank installers since 1980.

Ellis tanks offer professional back-up with parts and service of all our water tank products, as well assisting in designing and installing the most suitable system for the application. Southern Cross galvanized water tanks can be designed for both cyclonic and seismic loadings.

Southern Cross Galvanized water tanks are

Pre-fabricated galvanized Steel Tanks southern cross bolted squatter tank
Galvanized water tank Capacities: 9 kI to 3040 kI
Dimensions: Diameters from 2.5 to 25.4 meters Heights to 7.2 m

Use Southern Cross galvanized water tanks for safe and economical storage of vital water supplies for farms, industry, fire services, communities, town water reservoirs. 

Ellistanks supplies and installs a complete range of southern cross heavy duty galvanized water tanks supplied in easy to handle, pre-fabricated form for easy transportation and simple onsite erection.  The expected life of these tanks can range from 10-30 years

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