water tanks for fire protection



- Ellis Tanks leading distributor and installer of Southern Cross Water Storage Tanks for Fire Protection

We supply and install Water Tanks with liners, Pre fabricated Water Tanks in both galvanized and Marviplate finishes. All water storage tanks for fire protection can be individually designed and engineered to Australian standards for fire protection water storage tanks , or to suit specific applications, and sizing.

Fire protection tanks can also be designed to suit the relevant wind and seismic loadings as required.

Ellis Tanks supplies and installs, Pre fabricated Marviplate water storage tanks which are often the most effective and longest lasting form of fire protection tanks

Fire protection tanks are available in the following standard sizes:

Capacities: 9 kl to 3040 kl

Dimensions: Diameters from 2.5 to 25.4 meters Heights to 7.2 m

All water storage tanks provide a dependable water supply for Fire Protection and back up water storage. Ellis Tanks has a wide range of tank volumes available and the choice of a high or low profile shape allows easy selection of your fire protection tank, or tanks for water storage. Fire protection tanks from Ellis Tanks can be designed to suit particular space, location or other application requirements as needed.

All Fire Tanks can be configured with specialist fittings to comply with the relevent fire protection regulations in your area.

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